Iridium 9602 & GPS Controller with USB Charger

  • USB power and data for plug and play satellite communication
  • GPS enabled global two-way communication
  • Additional power and data header
  • Integrated GPS/Iridium antenna
  • IP67 rated enclosure option

SATELLIGENT’s POWER PACK enables users an easy solution to communicate over the Iridium network. Through a universal USB port, the POWER PACK offers a convenient platform for sending and receiving Iridium short burst data (SBD) messages as well as providing email access in the absence of Wi-Fi or GSM connectivity. Alternative power supply options, GPS capability and a high-performance 32 bit microcontroller allow using the POWER PACK for applications such as industrial controls and monitoring, asset tracking and remote area communications.

With the option of super-capacitor or battery storage, the POWER PACK ensures there is ample power for SBD message transmission, while eliminating in-rush current spikes from the USB port. Dual functions of the USB port as power and data interface eliminates the requirement for out-of-date RS232 serial and specialized power cables.


  • Fleet Management
  • Remote Data Telemetry
  • Personal and Asset Tracking
  • Personal Communications (Email)
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control

For pricing and other information, contact us at sales@satelligent.ca

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